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Are you ready to experience a powerful healing system in which you are treated as the unique individual you are?

Whether your primary concerns are physical or emotional, Chinese Medicine is uniquely valuable in addressing both because the "body" and "mind" were never conceptualized as separate entities.

In your own experience, you know that physical pain does not exist without an emotional component (fear, worry, sadness at not living life the way you wish) and that emotional struggles do not show up without a physical component (stomach upset, heart palpitations, shoulder tension, etc).

This philosophy of unity of body-mind is why Chinese Medicine so effective at getting to the ROOT cause of disease and helping the WHOLE of you. 

During our sessions we will discuss your physical symptoms, emotional life, nutritional habits, and ways in which you can feel empowered to show up in life as the unique individual you are! Life is all about balance and, with acupuncture treatment and herbal therapy, we will work together to help you recover and maintain health. 

Within my general practice, I often work with women's health issues (endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, irregular or painful periods), fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. In Chinese Medicine, women's health was always studied as an important and unique part of medicine and Chinese Medicine provides exceptional care and support for women's reproductive health issues. 

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I am an in-network provider for CIGNA, AETNA, United, and Blue Cross.  





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