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Welcome to Your Healing Experience

I invite you to come in and understand yourself, your body, and your symptoms in a new way! 

Chinese Medicine so effective at helping you heal because it addresses the root causes of your dis - ease. 

Because I treat the WHOLE person, an appointment is perfect for you for whatever it is you wish to change. Whether you have migraines, body pain, fertility struggles, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, grief, etc. Your whole body is interconnected and your multiple symptoms are related to each other. 

During your sessions, we will discuss your physical symptoms, emotional life, nutritional habits, and ways in which you can feel empowered to show up in life as the unique individual you are!

Whatever you are dealing with, emotional or physical, we will work together to help you recover and maintain health.

I welcome everyone into my practice.

Frequently I work with women's health issues such as: endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, irregular periods, infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. I have created in-depth programs and resources on women's health. In Chinese Medicine, women's health was always studied as important and unique. Chinese Medicine provides exceptional care and support for women's reproductive health issues.

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I am an in-network provider for AETNA, United, Blue Cross, and CIGNA.  




Welcome -

Dr. Leanne Ekstrom, D.OM., Dipl.OM.


910 17th St NW; Suite 1020

Washington, DC 20006

By Farragut North & West Metro

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